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Hello my name is John and I’m an Edmonton Seo Expert (Edmonton SEO Expert is the keyword for google 😉 ) 

My goal with this website is to try and explain how search engine optimization works. Let’s start with a little background about how I started learning SEO. 

I came to Canada from Ukraine 10 years ago and because I didn’t have much English language knowledge, my Canadian wife and I started to learn how to start our own small businesses in Edmonton. My wife was studying in nursing school and after school, she was answering my calls while I was at work. We started a few small local businesses such as Furniture assembly, Movers and Roofing but what stuck and was most successful is our Appliance Repair in Edmonton business. 

While I’ve been working in my businesses I quickly realized that the success of our businesses relied heavily on my website being at the top of Google search results. 

After two years of business, I started searching about SEO “Search Engine Optimization“, and began to learn the basics of keywords, background optimization of websites, strategies of link building and much more within search engine requirements.

I took courses from Moz to help me understand what SEO is generally about. 

If you want to learn SEO for yourself and have basic knowledge of SEO, I would highly recommend taking a course from Moz called SEO for beginners. Click Here for Beginner’s Guide

After the initial Moz course, I took an additional course from a Ukrainian SEO school. This school is considered the best school in Ukraine in regard to learning SEO. 

And while I was taking the courses the instructors were recommending to start my project on my own in order to learn SEO. In addition, a number of people were saying the best way to learn is to start experimenting for yourself. 

Around six years ago we started our own appliance repair business. And I started building a team, I have a friend from Ukraine who does website development. Now, she moved to Poland and is working remotely and she helps us on the website development side of our business and for our clients. Additionally, I have an Edmonton -based content writer. Furthermore, for SEO and Link building, I take care of this aspect of SEO development. 

After three years of learning SEO, I started to offer my SEO services to my friends in Edmonton. To be honest my friends were taking a chance on me but I was continually trying not to disappoint them and meet their expectations. 

And now already two years later I have been offering my services to the general public in Edmonton, Calgary and Edmonton. 

The total number of my experience within SEO is eight years.

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Now, before we start our partnership, I would like to outline some people’s expectations that don’t meet the reality of SEO services. Our Search Engine Optimization Advantages

I’m not a magician and I cannot make SEO work overnight, SEO is a process, one which takes time to build trust within Google in regards to ranking you higher. But, if you need quick results in order to get clients. Then I would recommend you use Google ads, we can set it up within a few hours and by tomorrow you will start receiving phone calls. An average rule of thumb for Google ads is each third click is your potential client. 

After we should start to take into consideration how much the click cost and how much you have to spend in regards to getting your first client, and also how much the margin on each specific service or product, this is necessary in order to understand if your Google ads will be profitable for your business. 

A key question to ask is, how do I know if I need SEO? SEO Edmonton Service.

Local Ottawa SEO
Local Edmonton SEO

If you are a newly established small business and are considering hiring an SEO company, I would highly recommend you pump the brakes. First of all, I would recommend testing your niche with Google ads. After you’ve spent some money on Google ads and you get more clients and therefore your business becomes profitable and you notice the business is becoming successful. The next step is to reduce the cost of your google ads which could run you between $3000 to $5000 a month. To reduce the cost of google ads, only then I would recommend for you start working on SEO services with a company. In short, there is no point in hiring an SEO company when you are a new business and it’s not concrete yet that your business will be successful.

If you are an established business and are spending between $1000 – $3000 on google ads a month. You should take into consideration higher SEO Company.

Now let’s go back to Search Engine Optimisation – SEO Edmonton

What is included in SEO services?

How does SEO Work?

In regards to an Edmonton SEO Campaign being successful, we will have to complete the following. 

1. We have to get a good hosting provider.

2. Build a proper website. 

Let’s explain what I mean by the above. As an example to build a house, you can hire a jack of all trades and he will have watched a few YouTube videos and now he thinks he can build a house, but your house will be completely crooked and misaligned, and will slowly fall apart. 

Or you can hire a professional contractor to build your house. They will build your home straight and even and will give you a warranty for 10 years. 

Well, the same idea applies to your website you don’t want a company that does many many things but none well enough. The fundamentals of your website have to be clean and organized well. This includes proper JavaScript, no extra CSS code and the speed load. 

How to optimize a website correctly?

  1. To optimize the HTML code, it is necessary
  2. Reduce the size of the code. …
  3. Register the headers H1 – H6 in the HTML code for indexing by search engines.
  4. Search engines better rank sites devoid of viruses. …
  5. Fill the site with unique content.
  6. Make internal linking and prescribe meta tags.
  7. Compress spaces.

3. Another important factor is content.

You will have to write your own content meaning that content has to be written by the business owner. Because when you own the business you know all the specific details of your business and what your customers are inquiring about and the services you can offer and therefore your satisfying user intents. 

Customer (user) intent is the biggest Google factor algorithm in order to keep you at the top of the google search results page.

For example, if someone is searching where they can buy bread in Edmonton and instead we will show him a page where he can fix his car obviously we’re not going to help the client satisfy his intent of where he can buy bread. 

Now as we know Google is smart, and when it catches on that your website doesn’t satisfy the customer intent, it will drop you in the rankings, like a stone in the water. 

If you struggle with writing content, we can always reach out to a copywriter to help us with content. But remember some random copywriter doesn’t know the full scale of information as a contractor on how to build the house properly. Content writing is an extra charge. So what I mean by this is that we may have to work together to write content for the website if you need extra guidance. 

4. You will need to provide us with pictures of your business.

These must be real-world pictures and not stock photos from the internet. If you need help we can connect you with a photographer. 

Photographer services are an extra charge. 

5. Link building.

Link building is the biggest expense of an SEO campaign.

Some links can cost you $50 or they can range from $100 – $150 – $250. It is a known SEO fact that the stronger your links the faster your chances of getting to the top with google. 

But remember link building is not only a ranking factor within Google. 

6. Audit of an existing resource — the site is evaluated to what extent it meets the requirements of search engines.

7. Analisi of the competition.

8. On-page optimization:

This involves optimizing individual web pages to rank higher and earn more relevant traffic. On-page optimization includes things like meta tags, header tags, and content optimization.

9. Off-page optimization:

This involves building links from other websites to your own. This is often done through techniques like link-building and content marketing.

10. Keyword research:

This involves finding and using the right keywords to target your website’s content and meta tags.

11. Technical SEO:

This involves optimizing the technical aspects of your website, such as its site structure, site speed, and mobile-friendliness.

12. Local SEO:

This involves optimizing your website for local search so that it appears in search results for users searching for businesses or services in a specific location. The 2023 Local Search Ranking Factors

13. Reporting and analysis:

A good SEO service should provide you with regular reports on your website’s performance and the progress of your SEO campaign. This can help you track your success and identify areas that need improvement.

And many more SEO factors which we discuss privately with each client and build as we build there SEO plan.

John Internet Marketing  –  SEO Edmonton
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Let’s talk about SEO Services and their Cost associated. 

How much does SEO service cost in Edmonton?

Let’s be honest, I’m not an SEO company that will charge $250 – $500 a month for services and then promise results on the top page of Google. If you like to know more about our pricing click here

If you feel that learning search engine optimization is overwhelming and it can also get complicated, don’t worry you can always reach out to me and I will try my best to give you some guidance. 

Before your call me I would highly recommend that you fill up my contact form. 

The contact form will help me to understand your business, and before I contact you I will quickly be able to check your website and perform my backend tests with specific tools. Some tools include Semrush or Ahrefs. 

Only then I can comfortably discuss our strategy for your business or I will let you know if I will even be able to help you. 

The last thing on my mind is to take your money and than state that I will not be able to help you further. 

I would rather refer you to my competition who may be a better fit for you than what I can offer for your business needs. Click Here To Fill out the contact form.

I have also created a list of the best SEO companies in Edmonton. 

So, why did I create this list? 

Honestly, I like to network with many people and businesses, and since living in Canada I have experienced the strong support of Canadians towards the Ukrainian people and it’s my way of paying it forward to people needing SEO services which I cannot offer. 

I remember when we started our journey with our local business and I was contacting several different companies to help me with business advertisements. And I was getting two types of companies ones that were promising me everything but never delivered any results. And, the second type of companies who was charging less but was delivering even less results. 

After these experiences, I started to learn about SEO through self-study. In addition, being in the industry, I also started realizing which companies were top-tier for SEO services within Edmonton. 

I know these companies personally, they are all local business owners and not overseas companies. They provide results for their clients, charge fair prices within the market and also deliver results on your investment. 

Top 5 SEO companies in Edmonton.

John Internet Marketing  –  SEO Edmonton
Best Seo Company – SEO Analyst, Agency
8+ years servicing Edmonton & surrounding areas

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John Internet Marketing  –  SEO Edmonton
Best Seo Company – SEO Analyst, Agency
8+ years servicing Edmonton & surrounding areas

780 893-4811
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By working with our company, you can count on the stable growth of the site in the search results.

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