By working with our company, you can count on the stable growth of the site in the search results.

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We are an Ottawa SEO company with many clients in Edmonton & Toronto.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services for Ottawa & Surrounding areas
Search Engine Marketing (SEM) *Internet Marketing for Ottawa & Surrounding areas

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SEO Expert John H.

We focused on the direction that we know perfectly. The main specialization of our team is the search engine optimization of the site πŸ” with the help of their skills and SEO tools. The proposed solutions are unique for each search portal, but the algorithm of actions and ways of its implementation have been carefully studied and repeatedly used in practice. This allows us to confidently guarantee the achievement of the desired result, relying on our own financial responsibility as a performer. Search engine optimization or  SEO Ottawa is a huge layer of work to increase the target visitors of a website or online store. Such an increase in visitors is achieved due to tangible increases in positions in search engines for the right queries (semantic core), which in turn is achieved by improving the website. Such works include proper site optimization, filling the site with unique and high-quality content, optimizing the site loading speed, and many other factors. In addition to statistical reports, the customer still has recommendations on the further development of the resource, including a general strategy and individual decisions on the directions.

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Our Search Engine Optimization Advantages

A professional approach in marketing is a formula that has not been trusted for a long time. The best way to advertise is favorable customer reviews and practical examples of work, which are presented below. Regular customers highlight the following advantages of working with us:  

  • work without prepayment, payment exclusively upon the results of a month’s cooperation; 
  • the possibility of cooperation using standard algorithms or with the joint development of an individual SEO promotion project; 
  • ready-made solutions for various resources, from highly specialized trading platforms to large-scale commercial projects; 
  • in-depth analysis of the target audience and the development strategy of direct competitors;
  •  updating of the resource as search algorithms are adjusted; 
  • monthly reports on the efforts made and practical results.

 All aspects of our team’s work are aimed at achieving optimal results for the customer’s business, which is confirmed by the direct relationship between the practical results of SEO promotion and our profit.

What is SEO Ottawa Service for?

Local Ottawa SEO
Local Ottawa SEO

SEO Service is a set of actions and activities that are aimed at a constant flow of new customers due to the high position of the resource in the search results of Bing and Google. The primary task of any commercial resource is to increase sales. The growth of this indicator is the main assessment of the effectiveness of the promotion methods used. Search engines are constantly changing and updating the algorithms for generating output, so the optimal solution for high-quality promotion is to entrust the promotion of the site to our team of professionals. Traffic that comes from search engines Bing and Google always take the leading positions in the total, therefore, the position at the top of the issuance of the search engines, is the main indicator reflecting the conversion of the resource. SEO promotion differs significantly from paid contextual advertising since it provokes an increase in the natural influx of interested audiences. Due to competent SEO optimization, search engines will bring visitors to your site from among the target audience, that is, those whose requests on the network correspond to the business direction of the promoted company.

What can you expect by working with John Internet Marketing – SEO Ottawa?

By working with our Ottawa SEO company, you can count on the stable growth of the site in the search results.

1. Individual approach to each project

SEO Optimization services include the study of market niche features. We carefully analyze the needs of our customers and the business opportunities of existing competitors in order to bring the company to a leading SEO position.

2. Long-term and productive partnership

By continuing to work with clients, we get to know their market segment more deeply and in more detail, and they receive individual and highly effective solutions. 68% of the companies that applied to John SEO help, for the first time became permanent partners.

3. Execution of assigned tasks

We have successfully implemented more than 500 projects and know the best tools and techniques to achieve the desired goals in SEO. Up-to-date and timely reporting helps to understand how close we are to the desired result.

4. Detailed reporting SEO ranking 

So that you can be sure that website optimization in search engines is not a waste of money, we will report in writing on all costs, and your company will get full access to metrics and analytics systems.

5. Cost optimization and operational adjustment

In our work, we focus on key indicators (TV, ROI, ROE) in order to make an optimal budget. If necessary, we will quickly find alternative options that help to fit into existing opportunities and prices, while maintaining the efficiency of work

John Internet Marketing  β€“  SEO Ottawa
Best Seo Company – SEO Analyst, Agency
15+ years servicing Ottawa & surrounding areas

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What is the cost of SEO service?

The cost of promotion depends on competitiveness, the number of search queries, the quality of content on the site (texts, pictures), the range of services or goods, the ratio of the resource relative to competitors, the age of the domain (young sites to promote longer in time), the region, the popularity of the resource, design, resource history, technical errors, usability flaws, the structure of the site, whether it developed earlier, etc.

What do we mean by “Result first, then payment”?

We start working only after the formation of search queries and the signing of the contract. You make the first payment only after we have achieved the results for the agreed part of the requests.

How fast will the site rise to the TOP of the search results?

Usually, it is 2-3 -12 months, but in general, it depends on the competition, history, and condition of your resource.

Why do you recommend redesigning the site?

Alterations on the site are not recommended to all customers who have contacted us. But often the site does not meet the requirements of search engines and the market as a whole. Based on this, the chances of getting to the top of the search results are extremely small.

John Internet Marketing  β€“  SEO Ottawa
Best Seo Company – SEO Analyst, Agency
5+ years servicing Ottawa & surrounding areas

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How to promote a website where to start?

  1. Identifying queries for promotion
  2. The first thing you need to understand is which queries you may be searching for. …
  3. Selection of relevant pages for each query group …
  4. Optimization of text content …
  5. Implementation of linking the internal pages of the site using queries …
  6. Placing links to your site from third-party resources

How much does SEO service cost in Ottawa?

The cost of website promotion on Google and Yandex – from $350 CA.per month. When ordering website development from us, you will receive a 30% discount on further promotions (price – from $245 CA).

How does SEO optimization work?

The 2021 Local Search Ranking Factors

How does it work? SEO optimization – actions aimed at improving the performance of the site, its promotion to the first lines in search engines, creating a user-friendly interface, as well as searching for the target audience. With the help of SEO, the user will find your site faster for certain key queries.

How to optimize a website correctly?

  1. To optimize the HTML code, it is necessary
  2. Reduce the size of the code. …
  3. Register the headers H1 – H6 in the HTML code for indexing by search engines.
  4. Search engines better rank sites devoid of viruses. …
  5. Fill the site with unique content.
  6. Make internal linking and prescribe meta tags.
  7. Compress spaces.

How to promote a website in search engines yourself?

  1. Read a book on website optimization
  2. Development of the correct site structure
  3. Collecting keywords
  4. Work out the content on the site
  5. SEO site optimization
  6. External promotion factors
  7. Site Analytics
  8. External links in the future

How does SEO Work?

The principle of SEO is to promote content in such a way that it inspires the trust of search robots. To do this, you need to follow several important points at once: Create content for people. Today, for high-quality SEO optimization, it is not enough to simply enter popular user queries into the text.

What is the essence of SEO optimization?

Search engine optimization (English: search engine optimization, SEO) is a set of measures for internal and external optimization to raise the site’s position in the search engine results for certain user queries, in order to increase network traffic (for information resources) and potential customers (.

What is included in SEO services?

  • Audit of an existing resource β€” the site is evaluated to what extent it meets the requirements of search engines. …
  • Analysis of competitive sites – collection and comparison of data on traffic and traffic sources, number of pages, search queries, visibility in search engines, and more.

John Internet Marketing  –  SEO Ottawa
Best Seo Company – SEO Analyst, Agency
5+ years servicing Ottawa & surrounding areas

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By working with our company, you can count on the stable growth of the site in the search results.

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